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Stephanie Sanzo

My name is Stephanie Sanzo and my fitness journey began after my first pregnancy to help me feel fit and healthy again. Once I began powerlifting, it transformed my outlook completely. Lifting allowed me to feel confident within myself and gave me the energy and drive to challenge my mind and body.

My personal fitness journey helped me to realise that my passion lies in encouraging women to realise what they are capable of. I studied to become a qualified personal trainer and powerbuilding trainer to help others feel good and find their happiness. Since 2013, I have also competed as an athlete in the sports of fitness modelling, as well as powerlifting.  

My new program, available exclusively in the Sweat app, is called BUILD and it encourages you to reach your peak performance. It’s a gym-based powerbuilding program that focuses on lifting heavier weights while developing muscle mass.

We all start somewhere and I want to help you on your own unique powerbuilding journey. Whatever your goal, my workout program can help you get there. Train alongside me and I will provide you with the tools to transform your performance.

I want to encourage you to develop the discipline required to reach your goals and to celebrate and be proud of your achievements. From your very first BUILD workout, let me help to guide your journey, work hard for it every day and build yourself to where you want to be.

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