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Now Is Time To Join Me In The SWEAT Challenge

Now Is Time To Join Me In The SWEAT Challenge
Now Is Time To Join The SWEAT Challenge

There’s no doubt that we’re all facing more difficulty in our day-to-day lives than usual. But from my experience, there is also an opportunity in tough times. 

In the past, I might have felt like I was coming up against my limits, but then I turned my frustration into fuel. I’ve used that feeling as motivation to propel forward on my health and fitness journey. 

If you’re ready to do the same, then the SWEAT Challenge, with my new six-week program for women following my LIFTING at Home program is here for YOU. It starts on June 8, 2020.

During the six-week SWEAT Challenge, you can join me and women around the globe in staying active and creating a healthy routine. 

SWEAT LIFTING At Home Challenge

How can I join the SWEAT Challenge?

You can join the LIFTING at Home program in the SWEAT Challenge through the SWEAT app. Once you become a member of SWEAT, you can sign up to join. A banner will appear in the app that lets you sign up to my new, exclusive LIFTING at Home workouts for the SWEAT Challenge — to see this you’ll need to make sure you have updated to the latest version of SWEAT from the App Store or Google Play.

To do my LIFTING at Home program, you will need to have some at-home gym equipment: dumbbells, a kettlebell, a resistance band, a bench or chair, and a fitness or yoga mat. Choose the “Starting Out” stream if you are new to this training style, or “Challenge Me” if you’ve been doing strength training for a while and want to maintain your muscle mass. 

The 2020 LIFTING at Home Challenge starts on Monday, June 8, 2020 and runs for six weeks until Sunday, July 19, 2020. You can register to join until June 28, 2020.

You'll complete six weeks of at-home workouts that are only available during the Challenge — guided by me!

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What can I expect during the LIFTING at Home Challenge?

When the SWEAT Challenge starts on Monday, June 8, you’ll find the week’s exclusive LIFTING at Home workouts in the app.

Each week, your new workouts will appear. In your weekly workout program you’ll find: 

  • Resistance workouts x 3 
  • Weekly Express workouts x 2 (Optional)
  • Low-intensity cardio x 2
  • Recovery x 2 (including one rest day)

The goal of the Challenge is to stay motivated and complete at least one workout each week for the six weeks. 

Your workouts will also appear in your Planner. 

You can use the Planner to schedule your week, and move your workouts around if you need to.

If you have an Apple Watch, you’ll be able to access the LIFTING at Home workouts right from your wrist!

As an added bonus, everyone who signs up for the SWEAT Challenge will also receive a free, three-month premium subscription to MyFitnessPal. Once you’ve joined the SWEAT Challenge, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details on how to redeem your free MyFitnessPal membership.

SWEAT LIFTING At Home Challenge

What is the focus of the LIFTING at Home Challenge?

LIFTING at Home Challenge workouts focus on weight training in the home environment.

The workouts contain supersets of both compound exercises and isolated movements to increase muscle size and strength. There's something you can do each day — including resistance workouts, recovery sessions and cardio.

Resistance workouts are 30-40 minutes long. Express workouts that will take just 15 minutes for those days when time is short — they focus on glutes or abs.

Each workout features a core superset to help build your overall strength and stability.

The goal is to improve and maintain your lifting performance, and optional Express workouts are there to help you maximise your training time.

You’re stronger than you realise

You are the person who decides when it’s right to face your fears and go for it — and if you are ready, then so is the LIFTING at Home Challenge.

No matter how much you lift, this is an opportunity to find strength within, and reach new goals.

You’ve got this — and I’ll be with you every rep of the way.

* Results from BUILD may vary. Strict adherence to the program is required for best results.

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