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Get Stronger With BUILD In The 2020 SWEAT Challenge

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Get Stronger With BUILD In The 2020 SWEAT Challenge
Build Sweat Challenge

I was that person who never saw being fit and healthy as something I could maintain. It wasn’t until a few things happened in my life about 10 years ago, that I decided I wanted a change. I wanted to feel confident and strong — both inside and out! That’s when I started powerbuilding.

If you haven’t tried my BUILD program in the SWEAT app, now is the perfect time! The SWEAT Challenge is your opportunity to try my training style and find out how it can enhance your mental and physical strength. You can feel empowered by fitness, as you learn that women can lift heavy weights too. 

I know it can be daunting starting a new health and fitness journey alone — especially if it involves stepping into a new gym, when you feel as though everyone else looks so much more capable. 

So, what if I told you that you could start with millions of other women around the world? On January 13, 2020, you CAN! I will be releasing a very special surprise for my BUILD Community in the SWEAT app — my 2020 BUILD Challenge!

BUILD confidence in 2020 with my SWEAT Challenge

Gyms and big equipment are two things I know a lot of women who are new to fitness steer clear of — mainly because they just don’t know where to start. In 2020, I want you to feel strong and confident and I’m here to help show you that you can.

My current BUILD program incorporates powerlifting and bodybuilding training techniques to help you improve your lifting performance in three foundational exercises: deadlift, bench press and squat. My program can help you to increase lean muscle mass and strength. My BUILD program for the SWEAT Challenge has a similar training style, with a slightly different approach, over six weeks. 

Don’t worry if you haven’t tried my BUILD program before, or aren’t familiar with big pieces of equipment in the gym, I’ve created two different variations of the program that will guide you every step of the way. 

Build Sweat Challenge Faq

How do I join?

Look for the pink banner in the SWEAT app after you’ve subscribed. Tap “Join the Challenge” anytime before February 3, 2020, and be prepared to get stronger with millions of women from around the world!

The SWEAT Challenge doesn’t start until January 13, 2020, so you won’t see the Challenge program in the app until then. Leading up to this date, make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube where I’ll be sharing tips to help you prepare and feel confident to get started.

Who is the Challenge for?

My SWEAT Challenge can be for EVERYONE! As I touched on above, there are two different levels of this program, “Starting Out” and “Challenge Me”.

“Starting Out” is an achievable program for those women who are brand new to BUILD or my powerbuilding training style. It can help you to establish a foundation for improving your technique in key movement patterns. 

You’ll have the opportunity to get comfortable lifting heavier weights, and develop a consistent training pattern so that you can transition into my BUILD program at the end of the six-week Challenge.

If you are on Week 6 of my BUILD program, or are experienced with heavy lifting, I recommend you select “Challenge Me”. The strength workouts in this program have a greater focus on body-part specific splits.

Both are progressive programs and will give you the opportunity to set up a regular training routine and try something different!

How is the Challenge different to the regular BUILD program?

This six week Challenge is entirely unique and nothing you have seen from me before! For the women who are using my program already and want to continue to progress, you’ll still find this challenging.

No 1RM

If you’re familiar with BUILD 1.0 and above, one of the main differences is that there is no weight recommendation based on your 1RM in the SWEAT Challenge. 

If you’re just starting out, I’ve chosen not to include this because I want you to focus on forming healthy habits and work towards feeling more comfortable with heavier weights, in a realistic and maintainable way.

But if you’re new and are looking to achieve your 1RM, completing this Challenge prior to starting my BUILD program is a great way to build your foundational strength. That way, you’ll be well equipped to enter BUILD confidently.

For those who are more advanced and conditioned to this style of training, I don’t believe that six weeks is enough time to progress your 1RM significantly in a dedicated powerbuilding program. Therefore, there is more of an emphasis on hypertrophy for the six weeks.

Higher reps

If you’re more experienced with my training style, the Challenge is a great way to incorporate slightly higher rep ranges, and give your body a de-load from the heavier lifting of BUILD. Due to the slightly different structure of the program, the Challenge can also help you to break through a fitness plateau.

Shorter workouts

The workouts are shorter due to the nature of the style of training I’ve included in the Challenge. This is still a powerbuilding program, and while you can still definitely gain strength, I’ve shifted the program focus towards building lean muscle. 

Rest breaks are also shorter, and I’ve included a triset, which means there are more exercises in less time compared to regular BUILD workouts.


In “Challenge Me”, you’ll find that trisets are included in your workouts, as well as in the upper body workouts in “Starting Out”. I’ve included trisets as a way to change up the training style. 

Trisets create a higher demand on the aerobic system, which stimulates an increased cardiovascular response. This is a great way to add volume to your workouts and increase time under tension, which can trigger a hypertrophic response and increase muscle mass.

To put it simply, it’s a great way to maximise your training results!

Build Challenge Equipment

What equipment do I need access to? 

My BUILD Challenge program uses the following pieces of gym equipment: 

Starting Out

  • Assisted chin/dip
  • Barbell (adjustable) 
  • Bench
  • Bench press
  • Cable
  • Core trainer
  • Dumbells
  • Foam roller
  • Incline bench
  • Kettlebell
  • Lat pulldown
  • Leg extension
  • Leg press
  • Olympic barbell 
  • Prone leg curl
  • Resistance band
  • Smith machine
  • Squat rack
  • Trap bar 

Challenge Me

All “Starting Out” equipment except an assisted chin/dip and trap bar. 

What’s involved in the BUILD Challenge?

I’ve outlined the differences between the “Starting Out” and “Challenge Me” programs in my SWEAT Challenge, below. You’ll find that in “Starting Out” the exercises are less complex than those you’ll find in “Challenge Me”. 

This gives you the opportunity to focus on your technique and establishing foundational strength. There are also fewer scheduled weekly workouts.

Starting Out: 

  • 2 x Resistance sessions (Lower Body and Full Body)
  • 1 x Optional resistance session (Upper Body)
  • 1 x SWEAT Challenge workout (Glute Builder)
  • 2 x Cardio
  • 2 x Recovery

Challenge Me:

  • 3 x Resistance sessions (2 x Upper Body and 1 x Lower Body)
  • 1 x Optional resistance session (Lower Body)
  • 1 x SWEAT challenge workout (Glute Builder)
  • 2 x Cardio
  • 2 x Recovery

The structure of each workout every week will remain consistent as:

  • Warm Up
  • Primary
  • Accessory
  • Superset
  • Superset

What is the “Glute Builder” Challenge workout?

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that building my glutes is one of my primary focuses.

What makes my SWEAT Challenge unique, is that you’ll find one dedicated “Glute Builder” workout to engage and fire up your glutes each week.

This workout can help to add volume in your glute training and promote an increase in muscle mass. Having strong glutes is so important, especially when they make up the largest muscle group in your whole body! 

Strong glutes can also assist you with your staple powerbuilding movements — in particular, your squats and deadlifts.

How do I schedule my Challenge workouts?

You can find my recommendations on scheduling your weekly workouts in the Planner section of the SWEAT app. Check that you’ve enabled calendar sync and notificationsh to get reminders for your scheduled workouts.

Starting Out:

  • Resistance (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday optional)
  • Cardio (Wednesday/Friday)
  • Recovery (Active Recovery Saturday/ Rest Sunday)

Challenge Me:

  • Resistance (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday optional/Thursday/Saturday)
  • Cardio (Monday/Friday)
  • Recovery (Active Recovery Wednesday/Rest Sunday)

What do I do if I select the wrong program difficulty?

Don’t worry! You can change the difficulty from “Starting Out” to “Challenge Me” — or vice versa — if you want to take an easier, or more challenging, program stream. If you’re new, I highly recommend choosing “Starting Out” first and see how you go.

How can I get the best results from the Challenge?

As a busy mum of two, my pre-workout routine helps me to stay focused and hit my workouts each week. 

Always remember to listen to your body, and don’t underestimate your rest and active recovery sessions. Did you know that skipping recovery can actually slow down your progress, AND even delay your body’s ability to grow muscle? Check out these four ways to recover after a heavy lifting session.

It’s essential to consider your nutrition during regular training — especially if you have a goal in mind, such as to increase muscle mass or training performance. Use food as your fuel, and educate yourself about how your powerbuilding diet can positively impact your training and help your body to function at its best.

Finally, an energetic playlist can help you to get through those tough lifting sessions, and provide an endorphin rush — particularly if you’ve curated a whole collection of your favourite upbeat tunes!

What happens after the Challenge?

For those trying  powerbuilding for the first time, at the end of the Challenge you will be on track to establishing healthy habits for 2020. 

You’ll also build your foundational strength, as well as improve your performance and confidence handling some heavy weights — ready to transition into BUILD. 

You may feel heavy in the legs after the Glute Builder workouts, but don’t worry — It will be worth it for the strength gains! Be sure to make use of your recovery sessions and rest days when you feel sore.  

If you were already training with BUILD, you can restart the program from where you left feeling strong and determined! You can use my regular BUILD program to continue progressing in your training.

BUILD your glutes with me in the SWEAT Challenge

I want to share my number one tip with you before you begin — CONSISTENCY! I believe that consistency is the single most important quality of training and nutrition, so I want you to keep that in mind across these six weeks.

Results won’t come easy, but if you keep going and put in the hard work, I guarantee that you’ll be amazed at what you find you are capable of.

I’ll be there completing the Challenge right beside you, so BUILD Community — let’s get stronger together!

What are you hoping to achieve in 2020 with BUILD in the SWEAT Challenge? Let me know in the comments!

* Results from BUILD may vary. Strict adherence to the program is required for best results.

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